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How does an Authentic Oven work?

The principal is simple – a wood fire heats up the dense fire brick lining and these bricks store extreme heat thanks to their chemical composition and the ceramic insulation behind the fire bricks. The insulation stops the heat from transferring out of the oven. Due to design and material selection, an Authentic Oven will reach 300 – 400’C quickly and retain its heat at that temperature for long periods with little demand on your wood supply.

How long will it take me to learn how to use my pizza oven properly?

Not long. Wood fired cooking is more of an art than a science and that’s part of the pleasure. You will perfect pizza quickly, followed by bread and then followed by roast meats. You will be a pizza chef in no time and you’ll be loving it!

How long does it take to heat up my Authentic Oven?

The length of time depends on the Oven size, wood type and moisture content in your wood. The following times are approximates and are based on a dry Oven.

AO750P: 1 – 1.5 hours

AO900P: 2 hours

Do I cook pizza and bread on the firebrick hearth?

Yes. Cook directly on the firebrick hearth for optimum results. Meats and non-dough based foods should generally be used in trays or grills.

How long will it take to cook a pizza?

Based on an optimum hearth temperature of 375 – 425’C, pizza will cook in 60 – 180 seconds depending on the pizza base type.

What type of wood should I use in my Authentic Oven?

Any kind of wood can be used providing it is not contaminated with chemical, paint or glue. Hard woods (jarrah, red gum) are best for generating lots of heat and soft wood (pine) is better for getting the fire started.

How do I cook a roast in my Authentic Oven?

A good starting point is to halve the usual time it takes to cook in your indoor electric / gas oven. An Authentic Oven will cook much faster as it will generate much more heat. Wood Ovens cook in reverse and you will brown your meat / veggies at the start of the cooking process. You can use tin foil to cover meat before placing in the oven or after the initial browning.

What tools do I need with my Authentic Oven?

A Pizza Peel is essential. However, Authentic Oven manufactures a range of quality tools and accessories designed to enhance your Authentic Oven cooking and entertaining experience? See the Accessories page for more details.

Will my Authentic Oven get hot on the outside and is it safe?

Authentic Ovens are safe to touch on the outside. They have been designed to contain the heat internally and are fully insulated for this purpose. The outside will be warm to touch and safe for children. However, due to using fire as the main heat source – children should always be supervised around your Oven.

Is my Authentic Oven ok in the rain?

Yes. An Authentic Oven will be fine in Australian outdoor weather conditions including rain, wind, extreme heat and moderate hail. Please note though, the Oven will take longer to heat if it gets too wet on the inside. We offer fitted canvas rain covers and flue rain cowls which help to keep your Oven dry.

Can an Authentic Oven be delivered to my house?

Yes. Please contact our Australian partner – ABC Ovens. ABC Ovens ship all over Australia. The following cities are the most common delivery destinations: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.



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