The Authentic Difference
Fashion Meets Function

Superior Design

Authentic Oven design has been mastered over years of research, development and experience. No attention to detail is overlooked in the oven design and only the highest quality materials are selected to construct these pizza ovens. Authentic Oven founder, Gareth Wing, is a design engineer and is a specialist in stainless steel design and construction. From the oven size and shape through to the flue exhaust design through to the gorgeous IROKO wood door with ceramic insulation and stainless steel – Authentic Oven is a design masterpiece.

Unrivalled Quality

Authentic Ovens are skillfully built by hand in New Zealand by carefully trained Authentic Oven staff according to strict quality procedures. Materials are sourced both locally and overseas using specific and stringent selection criteria. Authentic Oven have the highest quality finishing touches ever seen in a wood fired pizza oven in the southern hemisphere. For example – every oven hearth is ground and polished completely flat so there are no annoying edges to stub your peel.

Outstanding Performance

Due to design and material selection, Authentic Oven is balanced. What this means is both the hearth and the dome will be similar temperatures without one being overly hotter (or cooler) than the other. In addition to being a balanced Oven, Authentic Oven will hold its heat for long periods of time. We call this ‘hover temperature’ and it means after reaching approximately 400’C your Oven will retain its heat without requiring much additional fuel to keep it hot. These qualities make Authentic Oven more efficient, easier and extremely enjoyable to cook with.

Company Reputation and Capabilities

Authentic Oven has over 2000 happy customers throughout New Zealand and across the world. Our small family owned business has numerous testimonials and boasts a wonderful track record of many satisfied customers. Since our inception in 2009, we have had only 2 warranty claims, which we happily honoured. We also have extensive experience in the commercial sector with many rave reviews from chefs and restaurateurs from around the world.

Authentic Difference



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